What kinds of hazards should you be concerned with managing in your office workspace?

  • General slips, trip & falls hazards, identified through a simply Risk Assessment process
  • Fire Safety & evacuation plans – managed through a Fire Risk Assessment
  • Lone Workers who may be vulnerable when working alone or unassisted
  • Managing the use of computer workstations – Display Screen Equipment (DSE) assessment reviews to prevent Muscular/Skeletal Disorders (MSD)
  • Electrical hazards through the use of electrical equipment
  • Manual Handling concerns through lifting and shifting resulting in back pain/posture concerns
  • Accident & Incident management – advice on what to do if an injury occurs
  • Management of hazardous substances (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health COSHH) – Cleaning/kitchen products
  • Managing contractors and site visitors
  • Health & Safety communication techniques

The Crimson Crab Complete Office Safety Suite provides advice & guidance, tutorials & templates to help you manage all of the above real safety concerns.

With the Office Suite Safety Training Package included, this ensures that your employees are trained and competent in workplace safety reducing the risk of injury and potential downtime.

This support package not only helps to maintain a safe site to keep your employees and site visitors safe but also keeps your business compliant from a Health & Safety legal perspective.