Free Southern Entrepreneurs Event – Regulation for Small Business

06 Dec 2016 10:00 – 13:00

Enterprise Centre – PORTSMOUTH

This workshop will give an awareness of the areas of regulation that may apply to a business and how to go about developing compliance controls as a response to the ever increasing number of regulations and need for operational transparency.

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I'm thinking about opening an online shop, what do I need to do to protect my business?

There is a significant investment in trading online so it’s prudent to make efficient sales to maximise the return on investment.

Your terms of business are crucially important. This means they need to be clear, enforceable and don’t leave room for things to come back to bite you.

There are legal requirements including:

  • information you need to put on your website;
  • consumer protection legislation (if you are selling to non-business customers);
  • industry specific requirements; and
  • data protection and privacy considerations.

It is also worth remembering that scrutinising a website is easy for regulators such as:

  • Local Authority Regulatory Services (Environmental Health, Trading Standards and Licensing);
  • The Competition and Markets Authority;
  • The Advertising Standards Authority; and
  • The Information Commissioners Office.

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Southern Entrepreneurs – Training

29 Sep 2016

Wessex House – EASTLEIGH

Selling Legally On-line

The internet is the new high street and e-commerce is a great way of getting products and services to market. This course aims to help you make sure you don’t fall into the legal pitfalls thus reducing the competitive advantage, please note we will not be covering EU VAT rules.


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Southern Entrepreneurs – Training

Influencing, in the “nicest” possible way, is getting people to do what you want them to do. We all have the potential to be influencers, and influencing skills can be learned.Being a great influencer will make your life easier! You will be able to bring people round to your way of thinking and get the result you want.

Portsmouth Enterprise Centre, Quatermaine Road, Portsmouth PO3 5QT

21 September 10am to 1pm

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Southern Entrepreneurs September Events


15 September Fleet –  Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About Marketing. Fantastic workshop for new businesses or people who are ready to grow their business and now need to find low cost options to market their business.

21 September Portsmouth – Influencing Skills. Ideal for sales people or just people who deal with customers and suppliers and want to be able to direct things to their advantage and keep the upper hand.

27 September Southampton – NLP for beginners. Learn how this fantastic tool can help you keep calm, face difficult situations and stay in control. Useful for business and personal life situations.

27 September Portsmouth – Graphic Design for beginners. Highly recommended workshop. Learn the history of how we use design the way we do. Benefit from understanding what you want and need from a logo and when and how to rebrand to best advantage. Very “hands on” workshop with excercises to get you thinking!

28 September – Bordon – Time Management for anyone who runs out, hasn’t got enough, wastes or need more! It isn’t a quick fix but will give you ideas which once put in place will help you find that bit extra in your day.

29 September – Wickham – Merchandising, looking at displays and products. ideal for retail in all it’s forms including people who have stalls at events, pop up shops and others who need to have a visual display to advertise their goods or services.

29 September – selling On Line. This is designed for anyone who is or is thinking of selling on line. Websites, dedicated on line shops, ebay or other platforms. This workshop looks at ethical and legal issues to ensure you stay on the right side of the law at all times.


6 September Winchester – Neil Nutburn talking about motivation, how to get it, keep it and what to do when it deserts you!

14 September Portsmouth – is your business growing quickly enough? come and hear an interesting talk on how to speed up that growth.

14 September Southampton – print and how your material is designed really does make a huge difference. Listen to hints and tips from a design expert

20 September Eastleigh – Belinda tells us how photographic images can make or break your marketing material. Even social media photos are very important. Think how many times you look up people’s profiles, how you look is important.

21 September Fleet – Wonderful amusing honest start up stories from Andy Pringle. We are hosted by Regus Business Center in Fleet for this event so do try to come along, see what the facility can offer and take advantage of their offer of a free trial for people who attend this event.

29 September Bordon – Always a popular venue. Nick talks to us about visualisation and how it can make your dreams become a reality.