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Employers responsibilities to Health and Safety

Ask yourself these questions:

Who or what would be affected by my action or non action?

What would be the likelihood of injury or damage and to what extent?

What would be the outcome or consequences?

A safe system of work starts with a suitable budget allocation. It will be cheaper than the consequences of not having one in place. Think of the long term costs of aggrieved families, low morale, bad publicity, investigation costs, loss of output, interruption to key personnel, higher insurance costs and compensation claims at best, fines or imprisonment at worst.

By demonstrating you have the resources in place to implement a positive health and safety culture, the likelihood of injury and damage is greatly reduced, along with more favourable insurance premiums.

Irrespective of the type of workplace, when staff feel more valued they work better and attendance will be improved.

The way to this culture is straightforward, although time consuming. A company is only as good as the leadership qualities of the Directors and skills of the staff. Expert knowledge should be sought to cover areas outwith the passion that started the business in the first place, yet so necessary to secure a viable long term future.

For smaller companies who have to work on a tight budget, recruiting full or part time specialists may be unnecessary, as there are experts who can provide the necessary knowledge to ensure compliance, without costing an arm and a leg!

The benefit is you get on with what you’re good at and the experts get on with keeping you in business.

Graham Edgar

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