Do you totally rely on your spellchecker?

PPG Proofreading LogoDo you obey your spellchecker religiously? Do you do everything it tells you to do even when you don’t know whether it’s right or wrong? Your spellchecker is only as good as your knowledge of the English language.

Let me give you an example of what my spellchecker was telling me to do today:

I’d written the sentence (referring to some website content): “I think your content is fine, however,….”. My spellchecker was telling me to change ‘your’ to ‘you’re’ which is obviously wrong in this context. It was thinking that ‘content’ meant ‘happy’ in which case ‘you’re’ would be right.

OK, this is a fairly clear-cut example and I knew the difference and chose to ignore it. Would you have done the same?

This is an example of ‘contextual spelling’, first introduced in Word 2007. Whilst it’s a great facility to have, unless you know what is right or wrong, it can only serve to confuse.

You can turn the option on or off by clicking File, Options, Proofing (Word 2010) and (un)checking the ‘use contextual spelling’ option and then clicking ‘OK’ to save your settings.

If you still have doubts and want to ensure that your ‘content’ is right, speak to a proofreader.

Let me know if I can help.

Peter Clarke

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First Anniversary for F2 Business Huddle

Our local business networking group set up to share hints and tips about ethical business, celebrates its first anniversary on Friday 10th March 2017.

It meets on the second Friday of each month (hence F2) at Chef Sam’s Denvilles House, 33 Emsworth Road, Havant PO9 2SN at 12 noon.

If you would like to come along and help us celebrate then please Book your place.

It started with just a handful of business owners and directors and has grown into a significant number of regular attendees each month.  The itinerary for each meeting allows everyone to ask questions and gain knowledge.

Wendy; “We set up the group a year ago and work hard to ensure that everyone gets the very best out of it.”

“We have attended many different networking groups in the area and found there was a lack of flexibility with problem solving.  Businesses rarely get the opportunity to find an informed answer to difficult questions.”

“The F2 Huddle meets that need and the growing number of attendees and the positive feedback is proof it really works.”

Robert; “At Crimson Crab we are passionate about providing the best possible support on the increasingly complex rules on trading.  With the wealth of business knowledge and expertise many of our clients have, we decided to put together a directory to help others tap into this.”

“Businesses listed in the directory, Reputation Advocates, are industry specialists’ that we have certified through our rigorous checks and can therefore recommend their business practices.

Wendy; “The F2 Business Huddle was a logical extension providing direct access to the Reputation Advocates.”

“At each F2 Huddle we arrange for a Reputation Advocate to present to the group and share best practice in their specialist area of business.”

“It can be a bit of a minefield when it comes to finding new software for your business so we are really pleased that this month we have Reputation Advocate Shirley Moreman talking about: Choosing software for your business – Ensuring you make the right choices and get the best return on your investment.”

The F2 Huddle helps established and start-up businesses overcome challenges they face and share best practice and knowledge to support each other.

Find out more about the F2 Business Huddle.

Book your place.

For regular visitors we are back to our normal room this month and the April F2 is on THURSDAY 13th April 2017.

What Makes A Perfect Profile Photo


Life is all about first impressions, Janine Willis and Alexander Todorov.

Forming a first impression takes 1/10th of a second.

In 1/10th of a second we decide someone’s Competence, Likeability and Influence by possibly viewing a profile photo of them.

How does this relate to Business?

  • “People buy from people they like know and trust”
  • If you don’t have a picture, how can you start the process?
  • More importantly how do you go about getting a good profile image?

A couple of years ago “Photofeeler” carried out some research using 800 profile images. Viewers were asked to rate the images against Competence, Likeability and Influence. The research did not include the characteristics like gender, age, and physical traits.

The following were considered the important areas discovered by the research, are  you surprised?


When viewing images of someone, people like to see the full facial features of who they are looking at. Obstructions such as hats, sunglasses or poor lighting can hide features and this reduces the likeability of what the viewer is seeing. Look into the camera, don’t hide.


Ensure that you squint slightly when looking into the lens. profile photo demonstrating excessive squintingHaving wide open eyes gives the impression of the rabbit in the headlights, it denotes fear.




profile photo demonstrating correct squinting

Having a slight squint, increases the perception of your
competence, influence, likeability and feels more comfortable for the viewer.



Profile photos that show a defined Jawline increase yourprofile photo demonstrating defined jawline perception of competence, influence, and likeability.




profile photo demonstrating smilingI know we have all made excuses, “I don’t like smiling”, “my teeth aren’t white”, “I’ll crack the lens” but that’s what they are excuses.

Want to increase the perception of people viewing you? Then an open smile is a good way of doing so. By smiling you appear friendlier, happier, healthier, and more relaxed.

If your smile is a closed smile (no teeth showing) then your perception of competence, influence, and likeability is likely to drop by half of that with an open smile.

Be careful though don’t turn the smile into a laugh, although this was found more likeable the competence and influence was shown to have dropped. So keep the smile controlled.


The way you dress in a photo says a lot of who you are. Think profile photo demonstrating well dressed maleit’s not important and anything will do?

The research showed that formal dress gained the greatest
perceived Competence and
Influence. That is a dark suit over a light coloured shirt/blouse, and men you need a tie.

By all means dress down for your photo but this will lose viewers perception of how credible you are. Also beware of stripes and bold colours.

Body Area Shown

How much of the body should be shown:profile photo demonstrating close up cropping

  • Close-up of the face?
  • Head and face?
  • Head and shoulders?
  • Head to waist?

The research showed that head and shoulders or head to waist shotsprofile photo demonstrating a full body shot fared better than face only close-ups.

Those people that used a full body shot negatively affected competence and influence.



The research never came up with an answer to this. However as a profile photo demonstrating a plain backgroundpersonal opinion the background needs to be plain or out of focus. The important thing is that the subject stands out.

Maybe you can experiment with different colours. Have your head-shot taken against a green screen and have a series of different background (colours or out of focus) being used.

Avoid direct sunlight images as you will eitherprofile photo demonstrating a blurred background be squinting with the sun in your face or to dark (unless flash is used) with the sun at your back. Both of these viewers will lose confidence in you.



profile photo demonstrating an office setting with a blurred background


The key here is moderation; all digital photos benefit froprofile photo demonstrating poor colourm some editing:

  • colour correction
  • Spots
  • Dandruffprofile photo demonstrating correct colour correction
  • Lightening
  • Softening
  • contrast etc.

But avoid anything extreme.profile photo demonstrating good editing



All photographs copyright © Martin Harris. All rights reserved.

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