What do I need in my business letterheads?

From a compliance perspective your clients are entitled to know the details of the legal entity that they are dealing with, especially if a business or trading name is being used. If the legal trading entity is a registered body there are some very specific disclosure requirements.

The information must appear in business letters and electronic equivalents including emails. To give you peace of mind we can check out your letterheads for compliance read more…

Feedback from Shirley Moreman at GSTM Solutions Ltd

I needed some help with creating a Privacy Policy and T&C of website use for my new site.  Crimson Crab went beyond just providing this, with lots of useful advice about Data Protection and registering with the Information Commissioners Office as well as explaining what needs to be on each page.  I’m now safe in the knowledge that everything is fully compliant.


Are you using your business name correctly?

Sounds an odd question but if you use a “business (or trading) name” then the Companies Act 2006 has some requirements for you to follow, even if you are not a ltd company!

So what is a business name?

It’s a name used by any trader for carrying on business, where:

  • individuals trade under a name which is not their own;
  • partnerships do not use the names of all the partners;
  • a registered company, such as a limited liability partnership or limited company, trades under a name which is different from its registered company name.

What is required?

In essence you must ensure that your customers know who they are trading with. Companies house don’t require the registration of a business name, so don’t make the mistake of letting anyone charge you to register it for you!

Some words are banned from use in a business name and there are restrictions on the use of others.

You will need to give the name of the legal entity (or entities) using it. You will also need to give an address in the UK, at which documents can be served, for each person (or corporation) named, e.g. the registered office address of a limited company.

This information must be shown legibly in any place where you carry on your business and where you deal with customers or suppliers, on business letters, written orders for the supply of goods or services, business emails, invoices and receipts and written demands for the payment of business debts. A company will also need to comply with disclosure requirements in relation to its name and registered office address on business documents and websites.

Failure to comply with the requirements is a criminal offence and in addition you may be unable to enforce your contracts with others.

Is your reputation at risk?

Not sure then please get in touch

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Free website compliance check

At the moment we able to offer a free check of UK based websites. This looks at the sites compliance in the areas of:

  1. Disclosure under the Companies Act
  2. Copyright protection
  3. Disability Discrimination Act
  4. Data Protection
  5. Provision of Services Regulations – if relevant
  6. E-commerce – if relevant

We would be very happy to take a look at your site and give you a short report on the findings. If you would like to take advantage of our offer please contact us and include the URL of the site you would like us to check.

There are only 20 free checks available and they will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

Feedback from Kim Way, Managing Director Changes Clinic

“Crimson Crab was recommended to me by a business colleague when we were recently faced with the task of completing registration for the Care Quality Commission.  Being a new business, only 6 weeks into our trading, we needed a strong structure on which to base our quality systems and processes.  Not only did Rob give us the structure, methodology and detail we needed to get through registration, he has enabled us to begin trading with a comprehensive quality management system which we will continue to build on.  He is patient, supportive and thorough and I would have no hesitation in seeking support from Rob again.”