writingGuest posts are mutually beneficial, for you as a blogger and for us and our websites visibility.

So, we are very keen to provide opportunities for guests to post appropriate blogs on our website.

It’s a fabulous opportunity for you to share your expertise, establish yourself as an authority figure within your market, build relationships and expose your brand to a new audience.

We have put this guide together to help you understand what we are looking for so as to avoid unnecessary work.

Essentially, we are focused on great content that complements our ethos, is evergreen and above all adds value in a meaningful way. It must be on a relevant topic but cover information that is unique and interesting to our audience.

Our Vision

Everyone has to buy things.

Our passion is that the process is fair.

Our mission is to see this is the case for all

Our target audience

Business owners that want to do the right thing, ethically, legally and responsibly, that have the budget to do so but not necessarily the resources, capacity or expertise.

The categories and topics we write about

  • Business planning
  • Cancellation
  • Data protection
  • Information risks
  • Operating ethically
  • Outsourcing & employment
  • Procurement
  • Protecting reputation
  • Regulatory regimes
  • Returns & complaints
  • Reputation Advocates
  • Sales Risk
  • Top Tip
  • What we are being asked about

Each month we have a focus on a particular area:

  • January: Trading Disclosures
  • February: Governance
  • March: Regulatory Regimes
  • April: Dealing with Risk
  • May: Terms and Conditions, Agreements and Contracts
  • June: Personal Data Protection
  • July: Website Compliance
  • August: Dealing with Consumers
  • September: Outsourcing
  • October: HR Management
  • November: Cancellations
  • December: Business Planning

Accepting Guest Posts

For a post to be acceptable to us you will need to follow our blogging guidelines.

The final and very important consideration is that for us to accept a guest post you will need to agree to us owning the content. This means that you can’t republish the same content on other websites. Please note that this only refers to the rights of the content, we will give credit you for the work, add a by-line and a link to your website.

If this is something that you would be interested in please contact us giving the topic or topics you would like to cover, details of the ‘credentials’ you hold in your field and links to some examples of previous posts you have written.