1. General

1.1. This document is to be read in conjunction with our General Terms and Conditions.

2. Services

2.1. Crimson Crab will provide you with the opportunity to promote your business through our Reputation Academy and website, and have identified potential clients signposted to you.

2.2. You agree to your logo or other device being included on Crimson Crabs website with a link to your home page. If a logo is not available a statement of your company name will be used instead. You give Crimson Crab an unconditional license for this for the duration of this agreement. You agree to Crimson Crab including with your logo or other device or your company name as appropriate, the information required by the Provision of Services Regulations 2009 or any future iteration of the legislation. This will be removed if you cease to be a Reputation Advocate for any reason.

2.3. You may also include the Crimson Crab logo on your website with a hyperlink to our home page (www.crimsoncrab.co.uk). If you cease to be a Reputation Advocate for any reason permission to use the Crimson Crab logo in this way will be immediately withdrawn.

2.4. You will be able to take part in one ‘reputation interview’ which will be made available through Crab Insight, our monthly bulletin on all things reputational, and included on the Crimson Crab website.

2.5. You will be given access to a facility to post blog articles through the Crimson Crab website. They must be relevant to reputation issues and of a standard acceptable for publication at Crimson Crabs absolute and sole discretion.

2.6. You agree to supply at your own expense all necessary documents, data, or other information or materials including access to relevant personnel required by Crimson Crab to fulfil this agreement.

2.7. You acknowledge that where you are offered particular benefits they are on such terms as Crimson Crab in its absolute discretion determines and may be subject to withdrawal or amendment at any time.

3. Reputation Advocate Undertakings

3.1. Crimson Crab is committed to ensuring a high standard of ethical and environmental trading practices. To become a Reputation Advocate a fully completed application form must be returned to Crimson Crab. Crimson Crab will review this and advise of any areas of concern.

3.2 In signing the agreement you undertake that you will comply with the Crimson Crab Code of Conduct.

3.3. In addition you agree to meet the standards set out in our Ethical Trading Policy. We recognise that you may not be able to achieve all the standards laid out in the policy immediately but we would expect you to:

3.3.1. Have implemented, or are willing to implement, appropriate and workable processes for raising standards to be compliant with the policy within six months of signing this agreement; and

3.3.2. Be able to demonstrate a responsible and transparent approach to your working and general practices, including your compliance regime; and

3.3.3. Have demonstrated an ongoing commitment to improving working and ethical standards.

3.4. In the event that Crimson Crab considers that you are not in compliance with the Policy, you must take all such appropriate remedial actions as requested by Crimson Crab.

4. Price

4.1. There is a non-refundable application fee of £140 which is payable on submission of a completed application form. You will be provided with an electronic invoice.

4.2. If a Crimson Crab Business MOT has been completed and paid for within the previous six months the application fee will be waived.

4.3. If your application is accepted you will be invoiced for £120, the price for the services for twelve months. You will be provided with an electronic invoice. Once this is paid your entry on the Reputation Advocate website (www.reputationadvocates.co.uk) will go live.

4.4. If your application is not accepted your application fee will not be refunded but you may reapply within six months without repaying the application fee by submitting an application form.

4.5. If you terminate this agreement you may rejoin by submitting an application form. If this is within three months of termination you will not have to pay the application fee, otherwise, the fee must be submitted at the same time.

4.6. The application fee and the price is at such rates as Crimson Crab from time to time determine and notified on our website at Notification of Fees and Charges.

4.7. We may from time to time provide optional services for an additional fee.

5. Term and termination

5.1. This agreement is for 12 months duration.

5.2. The agreement will be automatically renewed on the same terms, apart from the price, unless one of the parties gives the other at least 30 days notice that they wish to terminate the agreement.

5.3. In addition to the termination rights given in our general terms and conditions, Crimson Crab may terminate this agreement if you:

5.3.1. are, subsequent to your acceptance as a Reputation Advocate, found not to comply with the membership criteria for any reason (immediately on notice);

5.3.2. cannot remedy areas of concern, which in the sole opinion of Crimson Crab may impact adversely on customer or client confidence, within thirty days of receipt of written notice from Crimson Crab specifying the areas of concern and requesting remedy (on written notice at any time following the end of the thirty day period);

5.3.3. act in a manner inconsistent with the Reputation Advocate code of conduct (immediately on notice);

5.3.4. are not fully compliant with the Ethical Trading Policy at any time subject to paragraph 2 above (immediately on notice);

5.3.5. in the reasonable determination of Crimson Crab have failed to demonstrate to the satisfaction of Crimson Crab, a genuine willingness to work towards meeting all of the provisions of the Ethical Trading Policy within a reasonable time (immediately on notice);

5.3.6. have failed to demonstrate to the satisfaction of Crimson Crab, sufficient openness and transparency to allow a robust verification of your working practices (immediately on notice).

 1609 | Reputation Advocate Terms and Conditions | Version: 2.8
Date published: 17/01.19