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Synergy Success Network is for anyone serious about growing a trades business. It is for anyone that is struggling with direction concerning creating clients and either scaling or maintaining business growth. It is also for you if you are; an Action Taker, prepared to invest time and money in your business and want to work in a focused way to grow your business with intention.+

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Online, end to end business support and training.

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SSN Trades Networking
On the first Thursday of every month from 7 pm to around 9 pm we fill SSN HQ with a good mixture of tradespeople, construction professionals, property enthusiasts & suppliers to the trades/construction industry, the network is thriving with business being exchanged regularly.
We have created a fun, relaxed space for tradespeople to feel comfortable in… and it works dispelling the myth that networking is just for the boys & girls in suits.
For those of you that have yet to come along to an SSN Trades evening, get involved. We welcome anyone that can benefit & take value from being a part of this rapidly growing network.
Please email to secure your space!

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July 2019


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Ricki Scott & Mark Legg






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Limited liability company Synergy Success Network Limited.

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14 Fairways Business Centre,
Airport Service Road,
Hampshire PO3 5NU

England & Wales

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VAT number 322 7268 12

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Ricki Scott

079 3143 0161


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Accreditation & Qualification

Ricki Scott is a natural leader and has a track record of supporting, motivating and developing teams to increase productivity.  He develops teams so they can make decisions that support both theirs and your futures.

Mark Legg has been an entrepreneur for as long as he can remember. Even as a young child he would find ways to earn his own money. He left school at the age of 14 and started working full time with a local property maintenance business. He draws on 12 years of practical experience of forming new businesses, acquiring existing businesses, building teams, creating accredited management systems and growing his wealth through investing in multiple asset classes, to work through these steps with his Network so they can also achieve success.

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Ricki Scott

Mark Legg

Synergy Success Network


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27 March 2020

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If you have an issue in the first instance please contact:

Ricki Scott


079 3143 0161


If you cannot resolve the issue please get in touch with Crimson Crab.

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