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Managing workplace safety compliance does not need to be complicated or costly.

We always aim to provide business safety support which is quick and easy to understand. What’s just as important to us is making sure that you remain in control of the service we provide at all times. We always fully engage you and your staff at all times because we understand the importance of communicating safety.

All of this lends itself to our overriding ethos of wanting to educate small to medium sized business owners in what to do to keep safety compliant.

Range of Work

SIM Compliance offer a range of workplace safety advisory services which not only keep you compliant, but also allow your employees and contractors to work smarter and safer.

Whether you need better control of documents, help with producing smarter company Policies & Risk Assessments or require full support in achieving full ISO/OHSAS accreditation, we can support you in meeting your immediate needs and in achieving your longer term objectives.

Main Service Features

Gap Analysis
Health, Safety and Environmental Management System Support
Risk Analysis and Assessment
Accident and Incident Investigation
Audits and Inspections
Health, Safety and Environmental Training

Locations Covered

UK South

Date Joined

February 2017

Reputation Advocate Reference: BM203


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John Simmons






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Private Limited Company, SIM COMPLIANCE LTD

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8 Cunningham Road, Horndean, Hampshire, England, PO8 9LT

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Contact Name
John Simmons



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Accreditation & Qualification

Chartered Member of the Institute of Safety & Health (IOSH)
Level 5 Diploma in Occupational H&S management
Level 6 CMI in Leadership & Management


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European Union

Issue Resolution

If you have an issue in the first instance please contact:

John Simmons




If you cannot resolve the issue please get in touch with Crimson Crab.

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