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Coaching and mentoring – because life is more enjoyable when you have a plan.

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Your main point of contact within Profile Training is Steve Thomson.

Steve’s background is as a presenter and producer of high profile sports events, and through this work he has expanded his interests; initially into the field of training groups and individuals in presentation skills, but subsequently into other areas of communication skills, leadership and management.

Range of Work

Working alongside organisations such as Eumetsat, Cognizant, British Red Cross, International Study Group, Ipsos Mori, Racing UK and many other organisations large and small, Steve has a wealth of experience and understanding of the difference great communication skills can make to a company, and to the people within it.

Valued as a personal development coach and mentor, as well as for his training programmes.

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Steve works with clients around the world; however, he’s keen to bring his unique skills to his new home in West Sussex, and to work with people who want to be the success stories of tomorrow.

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November 2016

Reputation Advocate Reference: BM137


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Steve Thomson


01243 535025 or 07778 287119




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Sole Trader, Steve Thomson

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The Granary, Chilgrove Farm, Chichester. PO18 9HU

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Contact Name
Steve Thomson

01243 535025 or 07778 287119


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