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Clarity and courage coaching for confidence

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To empower people to take action through the exploration of clarity, courage and confidence for a more enriched life.

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Coaching is all about moving forward, not about what’s happened in the past; unless you are learning from it.   It allows you the time to stop and think about what you’re thinking making a positive difference to how you see things.  It’s really powerful when you are stuck where you and can’t seem to find a way out.

As a personal development coach, I believe there is no better investment than in your own personal development, so our sessions will always be driven by what you want to achieve.  I’ll use different tools and techniques so you can get the best result for you.

Through powerful questioning you will have the space to think deeper about what you’re thinking, to see things with clarity, to find the answers you need.  I can promise that working with me will be empowering and challenging.  I’m direct, there’s no fluff involved and I will hold you accountable for taking action to make a positive change.  After all, if I didn’t do that what would be the point?

Making a Difference
To believe that everything I do has a positive impact to cause a change

To be genuine, true and real to myself and situations with understanding, conviction and confidence.

To pull on my big pants at every opportunity, being brave even in the face of fear.

To never accept the first answer and have strong desire to question, challenge, learn and seek to understand.

To be honest. Have strong moral principles and do the right thing even when no one is looking.

To give up or give in is not an option, succeed through strong resolve.

Main Service Features

I’m passionate about making a positive difference to the beliefs you have about your confidence.
I believe that everyone can be confident in their own authentic way without winging it or faking it.

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UK + English speaking people in the rest of the world

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November 2020

Reputation Advocate Reference: BM299


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Gayle Tong


07947 754680






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Limited Company – Enrichment Coaching Limited

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8 The Briars,

England and Wales

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Enrichment Coaching Limited


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328 7337 880

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Contact Name
Gayle Tong

07947 754680



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Certificate in Organisation Mentoring & Coaching CIPD

Accredited Coaching Practitioner with EMCC

NLP Practitioner (Certified) (NLP Association of Excellence Awarded)

Member of ICF

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Member of EMCC (UK)

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Westminster Insurance

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£1 million

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If you have an issue in the first instance please contact:

Gayle Tong


07947 754680



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