Leaving aside people, everything on which a business relies involves the consumption of natural resources, whether that’s directly in product creation processes or indirectly through the enabling activities that support them. These materials may be minerals (including water), come from animals or be plant-based but they all have one thing in common: they are finite resources that unless carefully managed will eventually deplete.

Natural resources can often be undervalued and the risks to their ongoing availability – such as disruption to supply chains or heighted demand as customer behaviour changes – are sometimes overlooked in normal business planning processes. This can lead to business disruption and threaten a company’s ongoing viability.

A strategic approach that drives business activities to protect and enhance natural resources – directly or through supply chains – will minimise these risks and provide a more sustainable base for a company’s long-term success. As sustainability moves centre-stage, the ability to demonstrate leadership in, and commitment to, this aspect of business will also give a competitive edge.

At Crimson Crab, we work with our clients to help them manage their use of natural resources through understanding the risks that they face and developing strategy and policy frameworks to ensure that their businesses remain sustainable.

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