Climate change is the large-scale and long-term change in our weather patterns. Whilst some of this change can be attributed to the planet’s natural cycle, it’s accepted overwhelmingly by scientists that it has been accelerated by human activity, mostly through emissions of carbon into the atmosphere by the burning of fossil fuels (these are also known as ‘greenhouse gases’).

Countries around the world have committed to reduce the impact of greenhouse gases on the planet. In the UK, the government has stated that it intends to balance, on the one hand, the amount of carbon that’s emitted (through greenhouse gases) by businesses and domestic households with, on the other, the amount that is removed from the atmosphere by 2050. This is widely known as achieving ‘net zero’.

At Crimson Crab, we recognise that many businesses will want to play their part in reducing their carbon emissions to help ensure that – collectively – we don’t see the worst effects of climate change that scientists have warned will happen if no action is taken.

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Our Climate Change and Carbon Emission Solutions:

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