Being open and honest about what your company is, who is in it and what they’re responsible for is now not just best practice, it’s expected.

Some aspects of being in business have a statutory requirement for openness but in other areas – for example admitting when things have gone wrong – being transparent can feel counter-intuitive. Honesty however is a keystone to business success because as people in society become more savvy and have access to more information, including through reviews on Google or on social media, they can spot when things are not right. Openness with clients, whether they’re actual or potential, is not the only aspect of accountability, employees may compare and contrast management spin with their direct and lived experience and if they do not align problems, not least in recruitment and retention, can arise.

A culture of accountability and having a commitment to transparency will improve your company’s reputation with all stakeholders and contributes directly to the achievement of your business aims.
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