Whistleblowing policy

What is this?

Whistleblowing is the mechanism that sets out to the people who work in an organisation the safe methods they can use to raise concerns about ethical, legal or other wrongdoing they have witnessed or experienced.  The policy sets out how whistleblowing will be handled within your organisation.

Why do I need it?

Putting in place a whistleblowing policy demonstrates to all your stakeholders, and especially your staff, that your organisation encourages the reporting of behaviour that is not ethical and that it can be done in a safe and confidential manner.  Most people care about doing things in the right way and your policy will allow the people working in your organisation to have the confidence to raise matters that are not only wrong but that may also have a wider organisational or reputational impact if they were to continue unaddressed.

What’s the process?

We’ll develop a policy that’s right for your organisation and its culture, working with you to get it right.

What do I do next?

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