Waste and Pollution Strategy

What is this?

The development and implementation of a plan that will reduce the impact of the waste that your business produces has on the natural world.

Why do I need it?

Minimising the amount of waste that your business creates and how it’s then disposed of not only reduces adverse impacts on the natural world but can also bring cost savings and reputational benefits. It extends from the choice of materials used for product manufacture (and the impact that they will have on the environment when they’ve finished their useful life) to the destination of by-product from your day to day operations. It’s very closely linked to our Use of Natural Resources Strategy and makes a significant contribution to an organisation’s sustainability agenda.

What’s the process?

Working with you, we’ll develop a strategy that’s appropriate and proportionate for the size and complexity of your organisation and the operations that it conducts. This is usually an iterative process which will produce the plan that’s right for you by

  • Establishing a baseline
  • Setting targets
  • Identifying the actions that will allow you to achieve your targets
  • Set up the arrangements required to monitor and report your progress.
What do I do next?

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