The Office Safety Suite

What is this?

This is a suite of tools – from the conduct of audits to the provision of materials and support for dealing with Health and Safety incidents – to help you meet your responsibilities and an employer.

Why do I need it?

All business owners are legally obliged to ensure all risks arising from office working activities are adequately managed so that employees and visitors are kept safe when on your premises.

The Office Safety Suite provides business owners and their teams with guaranteed peace of mind knowing the office environment is a safe place to work.

What’s the process?

Beginning with a workplace safety review, we’ll identify the risks in your workplace, and provide you with the training that you need in order to keep your office environment safe. You’ll have access to support and advice in the event of incidents or inspections and also to a suite of documents, such as policies, risk assessments and industry updates.

What do I do next?

You can find out more by going to the Office Safety Suite page. Alternatively you can talk to us by using the red ‘Book Online Consultation’ button.