Terms and Conditions

What is this?

Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) form the contract – either fully or along with other documents – between the provider of goods and services and their client or customer. They set out what each party should expect from the other when the services or goods are being provided. They allow expectations to be set and clarify what will happen if things go wrong.

Usually they’re provided by the seller but some buyers prefer to have their own contractual terms, particularly for how quickly work or goods are paid for.

Why do I need it?

Terms and Conditions reduce risk.

In and ideal world, goods and services will be provided to the client or customer without any hiccup and both parties will be satisfied with the transaction that’s been carried out. Unfortunately in the real world sometimes things can go wrong and when they do, that’s when the T&Cs come into their own. Because they’ve been agreed in advance by both parties, they provide an agreed process for putting things right – whether that’s ensuring that faulty work is corrected (Who pays? Who does it? By when?) or it’s setting out what charges might apply for late or incomplete payments – which can avoid matters being escalated to (expensive) court appearances.

Whether you’re operating in a business to business environment or selling to domestic customers, Terms and Conditions are an absolute must.

What’s the process?

Tailored to your specific circumstances, we’ll provide the documentation that’s right for your business and the sector it’s operating in – what might work for an accountant will be different to what’s needed by a plasterer. This is usually an iterative process which will give you the assurance that your exposure to risk, particularly financial, has been much reduced.

What do I do next?

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