Contractor Diligence

“Carry out effective diligence on proposed contractors, subcontractors or other outsourcing partners to ensure that quality expectations, time scales, legal compliance and insurance obligations are met.”

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The marketplace is becoming increasingly competitive and the demand for constantly improved customer service is ever-present, with business owners always seeking competitive advantage, reductions in overheads and the other efficiencies.

When considering outsourcing an activity (or collaborating with another business) there is always the potential for a disparity between one’s expectations and the scope of the offer, particularly in a technical area which is not well understood.

This may apply to compliance with legislation e.g. Health and Safety, competence to carry out the work and having in place the necessary permissions such as Money Laundering Authorisation or an Alcohol Licence (to sell alcoholic drinks). It may also be a requirement of your insurance that they hold suitable insurance with a limit of liability no less than your own.

Regulatory compliance is also an ongoing challenge requiring specialist knowledge that needs to be kept up to date with the fast pace of change.

When engaging subcontractors or other non employed people, suitable diligence is required to close the gap and ensure there are no unexpected issues. When you are considering working with other businesses it is imperative that you don’t let your reputation become tarnished by their non-compliance with the law.


  • Provide support for you when engaging outsourcing partners, contractors or subcontractors or when working with potential collaboration partners.
  • A reduction in the risk of you incurring liability for subcontractors shortcomings.
  • An enhanced offering in which expectations are appropriately managed and liabilities are not exacerbated or transferred to you.

Why Crimson Crab?

We understand how to construct a suitable take on process using pre-qualification questionnaires to ensure that only suitably competent and qualified partners are utilised.

Our directors have had over fifty years experience in the Public Sector, with extensive knowledge of the regulatory landscape, procurement and an understanding of how to prevent complex issues developing.

We are fully insured for this type of work. Details of the insurances held are published on our website along with the information required by the Provision of Services Regulations.

Case Study

A small firm had to take on a subcontractor at short notice to finish a job which was overrunning. They failed to check if the subcontractor had a CIS number and consequently did not record it. Without the CIS number, they could not pay the subcontractor which eventually led to them receiving a County Court Summons for non-payment.

An effective diligence process would mean that the subcontractor would not be used until all of the pre-qualification questions were answered and the required information provided including the CIS number.

Our Offering

We manage your diligence process and carry out agreed checks on your proposed subcontractors.

We liaise with the subcontractor to ensure they complete the process.

If required we send you a detailed report of the subcontractor’s qualification against the agreed criteria.

Service Requests

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Our general terms and conditions apply.


Annual subscription

£100 (Not payable by Reputation Advocates)

Set up

Initial set up £75 for one work category/trade using your current diligence questions.

£25 (for each additional work category/trade added at any time).

The development of additional diligence questions or a code of conduct would be charged at the rate of £125/hour per quarter hour or part thereof.

Each Subcontractor Added


Subcontractor Annual Check

£50 per subcontractor

Return on Investment

The purpose of the approach is to minimise potential future harm and mitigate liabilities that may be incurred by engaging with inappropriate businesses.

Insurances may be invalidated if you do not carry out appropriate diligence checks.

Infringements of the law can result in financial penalties, as well as legal expenses. If anyone has benefited financially from the illegal activity they could be made to repay the gain. Undoubtedly the biggest impact, however, will be on business reputation, trust will be damaged and may never be restored.


We believe that our proposal will offer you a cost-effective and solid method of providing a robust diligence process that will meet provide peace of mind for you.

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