Social Responsibility Strategy

What is this?

The development and implementation of a plan that sets out your organisation’s approach to making a wider contribution to society.

Why do I need it?

Actively contributing to the communities within with your organisation sits will allow it to make a positive impact on the world. This will increase the standing of your brand and as an employer. It will be seen as aligning with the values of both customers and staff, both of whom increasingly expect more from those they give their money or their time.

As this frequently leads to improvements in the financial bottom line, having a clear and active social responsibility is not just a good thing in itself, it’s good business sense too.

What’s the process?

Working with you, we’ll develop a strategy that’s appropriate and proportionate for the size and complexity of your organisation and the operations that it conducts. This is usually an iterative process which will produce the plan that’s right for you by

  • Understanding your organisation’s values
  • Identifying the things that matter to your stakeholders
  • Determining the most effective and appropriate ways in which your social responsibility can be fulfilled
  • Developing and applying a delivery plan
What do I do next?

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