Resource Management risk framework

What is this?

The development and implementation of a framework that allows your business’s exposure to the risk of reductions in availability of natural resources to be understood and managed.

Why do I need it?

Worldwide, national or regional events like war or drought are clearly beyond the control of individual companies but understanding and, if necessary, managing your organisation’s exposure to the risks of scarcities of natural resources that these events can bring allows you to reduce their impact on your operations.

Managing the consumption of natural resources is not just good environmental sense, it’s good business sense too.

What’s the process?

Working with you, we’ll develop a framework that’s appropriate and proportionate for the size and complexity of your organisation and the operations that it conducts. This is usually an iterative process which will give you to the tools to

  • Understand your exposure to risk
  • Identify mitigation measures
  • Develop action and business continuity plans.
What do I do next?

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