Provision of Services Regulations

These regulations are aimed at businesses and advisers who are involved in the service industry. They apply to all services offered or provided within the UK, the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

The main exceptions are financial services, electronic communications, transport, temporary work agencies, healthcare, audiovisual, gambling, and social services.

To comply, business need to provide specified information to recipients of services. The details of the information to be disclosed are given in Part 2 of the legislation. The Business will also need to comply with requirements regarding the handling of complaints and principles of non-discrimination within its general conditions.

If businesses don’t comply enforcement bodies can take enforcement action if the breach harms, or has the potential to harm, the collective interests of consumers. In commercial transactions, the client can take action for breach of the regulations.

One way of achieving compliance is to provide the information on a website and give customers a link. Another is to give the information in hard copy whenever details of services are discussed.

Crimson Crab Reputation Advocates each have a page on our website which conforms with the requirements.

To find out if your business is covered by the regulations our form will tell you. It is free to use. If you are covered and want to know the information you have to provide, the form will go on to collect it. If you would like us to feedback the information you need to include our fee is £40. It can then be included on your website or in other documentation as you see fit.