Independent Management Investigations

What is this?

We conduct investigations, reviews and audits on your behalf, when your organisation isn’t able to carry them out itself.

Why do I need it?

In order not only to be fair but also to be seen to be fair, small organisations may not have the capacity or expertise to conduct sensitive investigations, reviews or audits of operations, activities, projects, events or behaviours. Our service is based on many years of practical experience and will be conducted in a sensitive, thorough and impartial manner.

What’s the process?

In the first instance we’ll need to agree with you the scope of any review (what’s to be reviewed or investigated and, just as importantly, what’s not), the outputs and the critical deadlines to which you’re working. This will involve a discussion with you to understand your specific requirements.

What do I do next?

Talk to us by using the red ‘Book Online Consultation’ button.