HR Handbook and Employment Contracts

What is this?

We provide

  • An employment contract (statement of particulars) for SMEs
  • A staff handbook with a full set of procedures that keeps abreast with changes in employment law
  • Access to an email support line

Why do I need it?

Delivering good HR is important for every business – but it takes time. Our ready-to-role and affordable HR solution saves you time and helps you focus on what you do best. And it’s responsive too, being there when you need it.

What’s the process?

To set things up we’ll need to fully assess and understand your organisation’s circumstances. Once that’s completed we’ll set you and your staff up with access to our online HR Handbook and employment contracts. We’ll also provide you with a support portal so that you can get specific guidance and advice when things crop up.

What do I do next?

Talk to us by using the red ‘Book Online Consultation’ button.