GDPR expert on demand

What is this?

Our ”Data Protection Officer’ (DPO) support package provides year-round access to the expertise on all aspects of data protection that an organisation might need (and to all our GDPR solutions) for a set annual fee.

Why do I need it?

If your organisation has data processing operations that are complex, varied or high risk, for which you might need repeated and ongoing access to data protection advice and support, this ‘retained’ arrangement will provide a more cost effective solution to your requirements than engaging us on a piecemeal or ‘pay as you go’ basis.

Most small organisations won’t have a need for this service and the big organisations that are required to have a DPO will usually have a full-time member of staff carrying out this role on the payroll. However for those in between these two extremes – perhaps being large enough to have more than the occasional data protection question but not large enough to warrant having a full-time GDPR expert – this will be the best package for you.

What’s the process?

Based on your anticipated need, we will agree with you a set number of hours of support to be provided during the twelve-month period of your contract. The time can be used to deal with matters as they arise; or to support your wider data protection governance arrangements as part of a pre-planned programme; or as a mixture of the two.

What do I do next?

Talk to us by using the red ‘Book Online Consultation’ button.