Ethical Policy

What is this?

This is a policy, along with accompanying procedures and other documentation, to set out your organisation’s values and how they will be incorporated into all its activities.

Why do I need it?

Giving thought to and putting down in writing what your organisation stands for and how it and the people in it operate makes a powerful statement. The policy demonstrates to everyone who has a stake in your organisation – customers, staff, investors or the community – what they can expect in any and all dealings that they have with it. It’s sets the tone.

People want to do business with organisations that match their own values so good ethics is not only about doing the right thing, it’s also good for business.

What’s the process?

Tailored to your specific circumstances and reflecting your values and world views, we’ll work with you to develop the documentation that sets out what you stand for. This is usually an iterative process which will produce what’s right for you.

What do I do next?

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