Data Protection Training (non-specialist staff)

What is this?

This training package is for people whose work means that, although they don’t need to be an expert, they need to know enough about data protection to keep people’s information safe. The course covers:

  • The data protection principles (the rules for handling personal data);
  • The rights that people have over how their data is used;
  • Practical ways in which data can be kept secure.
Why do I need it?

People who have received training on what they need to do and – crucially – why it matters are more effective in their role. From this you will be able to take confidence that your staff are doing the right thing when handling information about people and keep your organisation on the right side of the law. On top of this, organisations are also required under data protection law to put in place ‘appropriate technical and organisational measures’, which includes providing training.

What’s the process?

This training is delivered:

  • Online presentation. Our cost-effective online package is easily accessible at a time and place that suits you and your staff;
  • 1:1, via Zoom or in-person. This option allows the course to be tailored for your organisation’s specific needs and challenges.
What do I do next?

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