Using cookies

What is this?

Most websites use cookies (small text files that are downloaded onto computers) to store some information about people’s preferences or past actions when they visit a website. We make sure that your organisation is using them in a way that’s lawful, fair and transparent.

Why do I need it?

Regulations have been in place about the use of cookies since 2003 so at it’s most basic this is about complying with what the law requires. Above that, showing visitors to your organisation’s website that you’re using these useful technologies in the way that people have a right to expect helps them build confidence that you can be trusted.

What’s the process?

Usually this will entail a quick audit of your website to determine what cookies you’re using and how they’re being managed, from which we can build a report on what you’ll need to do to stay on the right side of the law. Following this review, you may need to get your web provider to take the action necessary to remedy any deficiencies.

What do I do next?

Talk to us by using the red ‘Book Online Consultation’ button.