Managing information risks

What is this?

Risks that arise from the handling of people’s personal information are assessed and controlled through a management framework.

Why do I need it?

If your organisation handles ‘special category’ data (information that needs special handling because of its sensitivity); deals with vulnerable people; or provides services to children then the impact of ‘data breaches’ or failure to follow the data protection rules may have a greater impact that for normal personal data.

Our solution will give you the confidence to know that your risks are being well managed, which in turn will build your clients’ trust in how you look after their information.

What’s the process?

We’ll provide you with the tools and skills that will help you put in place:

  • A policy setting out your organisation’s approach to managing information risks.
  • Processes to help staff report their data handling concerns.
  • A risk register to record, assess and control the factors that will stop you handling personal data safely and securely.
  • A reporting and monitoring mechanism.
What do I do next?

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