Understanding the customer experience

What is this?

A system for obtaining, assessing and understanding the experience that your customers have when they use your services or buy your products. It’s based on the RATER model and uses a number of techniques to get a hands on view of how customers are treated. We will look at:

  • Reliability – your ability to provide the service you have promised consistently, accurately, and on time.
  • Assurance – the knowledge, skills, and credibility of staff; and their ability to use this expertise to inspire trust and confidence.
  • Tangibles – the physical evidence of the service you provide. For example the offices, equipment, employees, and the communication and marketing materials that you use.
  • Empathy – the relationship between employees and customers.
  • Responsiveness – your ability to provide a quick, high quality service to your customers.
Why do I need it?

Appreciating how your clients view the service they’ve received from you can be invaluable. It can help you identify and plug gaps in your operations or, when everything is working well, provide useful feedback to the members of your team who are going the extra mile to keep your customers satisfied.

What’s the process?

We’ll work with you to determine the optimum method for assessing your customers’ experience – whether that’s through desktop audits, on site audits, mystery shopping or online feedback platforms – obtain the data then guide you through the findings and if necessary help you identify where further work might be needed.

What do I do next?

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