Crimson Crab Diligence Management

If you would like us to take on your diligence management then please read on.

Do you worry about the damage that the people you use to provide your goods and services may damage your reputation by the way they do things?

Do you think that great customer service is intrinsic to your brand and others could let you down?

Are you expanding your business and need to have others delivering on your behalf, you’re not ready to take on employees so you will need to have subcontractors in place, but you are concerned that they will not treat your customers the way you would do?

It is part of the business plan of the team at Run Your Own Website to have introducers and website builders affiliated to them. They also wanted to guarantee that their product is sold honestly and that all of their customers are dealt with fairly, so they didn’t want to take on just anyone. We worked with them to produce a code of conduct and implemented a simple vetting process. Now every one who applies to become an affiliate goes through the vetting, provides client references and sign up to the code of conduct. This means that Run Your Own Website have confidence in their affiliates and if something does go wrong there is a mechanism to resolve the issue.


Set up

If you already have a process in place we will set this up on our online portal. The fee for this is £75. This includes one affiliate level, work category, trade area or professional area. If you need us to set up additional areas or new ones in the future we will charge £25 per area.

If you need help to develop a robust process we can do this at an additional cost.

Annual subscription

There is an annual subscription of £100 which we waive for our Reputation Advocates


For each Affiliate/Subcontractor vetted there is a fee of £50 to include user support.

Annual recheck

Depending on the level of checks required there is an Annual Check fee of £25 – £50 per subcontractor.