Consultancy Agreement

Plainly, if you don’t have any terms and conditions you put yourself at risk of uncertainty and misunderstandings.

Written terms are vital to establishing the actual arrangement between you and your client. You need to cover yourself and make sure both parties understand their duties, rights, roles and responsibilities. If there is nothing in writing there is no proof.

Our Consultancy Agreement document is set out in our recommended format and made bespoke to you, it will:

  • Create certainty in the contractual position setting out the terms that have been agreed in writing.
  • Fully protect your position. You will probably have already thought about terms such as price, payment and delivery costs, but we will ask you to consider limiting your liability, disclaiming your liability for failure or delay caused by force majeure and protecting your intellectual property rights.
  • Help you to enforce your agreement. It will be clear where a client has breached the contract and therefore much easier to enforce should you need to take legal action for example for non-payment.
  • Help to avoid mismatched expectations. These are not good for any business and as a consultant, if you provide a detailed specification there should be no mismatched expectations as to timescales, layout, further charges etc.
  • Ensure compliance with legislation. For example, The Provisions of Services Regulations require suppliers of services to provide the customer with certain information and this will be included.

The finished document will comprise two or three parts depending on your customers:

  1. A set of standard Terms and Conditions which forms the legal basis on which you are willing to do business with your clients.
  2. A contract specification which sets out the detail of the contract with your individual client.
  3. If relevant, a consumer contract cancellation form.

This will involve a time commitment from you. You will be guided through the things that need to be considered and given options for inclusion. Please note that we are not a law firm and therefore cannot advise you on the best approach for individual circumstances, however, this is a comprehensive process that will cover all the areas that you need to include. The investment is £250.

Please get in touch to order your Consultancy Agreement…