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Red Tape Busters Volume 9, Issue 02, `Dealing with complaints’


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With the pre-Christmas rush coming up, might the increase in trade for you business also mean that there will be more complaints? We’ll be talking about how to handle them at our Online F2 Business Huddle is on Friday 12 November. 

Claudia Crab’s November Focus

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“Dealing with complaints”

“Thank your customer for complaining and mean it. Most will never bother to complain, they’ll just walk away.” – Marilyn Suttle (CVP-CEO, Suttle Enterprises LLC)

Put in place policies to deal with cancellations, returns and complaints before they happen, then you won’t be side tracked or have to firefight things when they do happen.

You need to know when a purchaser has cancellation rights and provide the necessary information and correct documentation at the right time.  This is particularly the case when the purchaser is a ‘consumer’ as they have clear rights and there are legal sanctions if you get it wrong.

Your guarantee or returns policy should meet legal requirements and you should make sure that it’s not open to abuse.

Your policy, procedures and process for dealing with complaints should support your long-term business goals and, most importantly, provide for continuous business improvement.

You can find out more information about these and other solutions Crimson Crab can help with by following the link below.


Top tip – Understanding your compliance obligations and responsibilities when dealing with complaints is crucial, our Business MOT can help


F2 Business Huddle Online

Friday 12 November 2021

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