Nine ways to help improve the leadership and management of your business

How your business is managed and led will have an impact on its success – that’s why we’ve put together nine ways to improve leadership and management.

Leading boats

But first, it’s important to understand that although there are crossovers between management and leadership, there are very clear and significant differences too.

Management is all about the day-to-day operations of an organisation.

Leadership concentrates on where an organisation is going and who will be on the journey.

So how can you improve the leadership and management of your business and thus the way it is governed?

Here are some tips to help:

1. Understand the vision of your business.

Every organisation should have a clear idea of where they wish to be within an agreed time frame. If there is no drive to achieve an agreed objective within five, 10 or 15 years, then expecting to have fully engaged leaders and managers may be minimal. Some people are content in their positions and satisfied with a routine, but it’s that consistency of doing the same thing which won’t support the success of your business and shall certainly not play a part in improving how your business is run.

2. Understand the mission of your company.

What is your company currently doing to reach its vision – that’s what your mission is about. A mission statement compliments a vision and, if you wish to improve the leadership and management of your business, ensure everyone on your top table are aligned with this.

3. Use core values to build upon everything you do.

Core values form part of your company’s mission statement. But they deserve their own point as everything you do, from decision making on large projects to recruiting the right person onto your team, should have your core values at the foundation.

4. Be clear in who is responsible for what – and ensure people have the right skills to fulfil their role.

One way to improve the management and leadership of your business is to define roles and responsibilities. Ensure people know who does what. It sounds simple, but miscommunication is evident within many organisations. Clarity can mitigate this.

5. Never stop learning.

Pretty straightforward, have leaders and managers who implement the best practice they have learnt into best practice to benefit your business.

6. Evaluate the performance of your top team.

Evaluating performance, and tracking metrics are important for every business which thirsts to succeed. If your top team aren’t performing, take steps to address the issue.

7. Ensure there is a timely provision of information.

If your expectation is to receive information from senior members of your team, ask them to have this to you within an agreed time-frame. The leadership and management of your business will crumble if you’re continually waiting for key team members to provide you with important information.

8. Encourage accountability.

The act of holding each other accountable shouldn’t only take place at a leadership and management level but within all levels of the business. Embracing and encouraging accountability will support everyone’s engagement within the activities of your business.

9. Don’t take life too seriously.

There are obstacles in life and challenges along the way, but don’t let them tarnish your character and ambition. Enjoy journeying with other people like you and do your very best to improve the leadership and management of your business.

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