It’s time for positive change: A joint statement by Wendy and Robert Briggs

We are approaching a season of our lives that will provide us with ample opportunity to reflect on an amazing ten years of Crimson Crab.

It’s time for us to retire… but Crimson Crab is still going places!

Words cannot express the journey we have been through, since launching the company on 15 August 2011, but we leave with our heads held high with the knowledge we’ve supported thousands of people with doing business ethically, legally, and responsibly.

When Wendy set up the company, we welcomed Trading Standards South East Ltd as our first client. This led to an impressive portfolio whereby others wanted to take advantage of the services we provide.

The year 2012 saw Rob join as Compliance Director, and Wendy became the Managing Director of the business.

People started talking about us – and how Crimson Crab are the experts to support with all-things business compliance. It was an exciting season for the business.


So, it was time to invest in building a brand, which was when Claudia Crab was designed by the talented Ric Robinson.





A few years later, in 2015, it was time to update our logo and branding, so we could appeal to even more businesses. This was completed by Graham Martin, from Red Pixel Creative, and remains the logo you see today.



The first Crab Insight was published in October 2013 – it was all about updates on changes in the law that affect business owners. There are some avid subscribers who have read every one of the updates since.

We launched the Reputation Advocates early on in our journey. It was always our desire to engage with businesses to align with our values of ethical, legal and responsible trading, and by being a Reputation Advocate a business owner demonstrates that they operate to a certain level when doing business and allow Crimson Crab to carry out a level of diligence on them. Also if anything went wrong, we’d step in to help. Accredited Crimson Crab Reputation Advocate LogoIt has been truly humbling to work with companies from across different industries. We’ve supported local authorities, charities, volunteers, hotels, small traders, solicitors, solopreneurs, start-ups, sailing schools, public schools, health and care providers, and many more.

Many of these companies took advantage of our Business MOT, one of the first services we developed and still popular today.

And for those companies, the F2 Business Huddle – which launched in March 2016 – has provided a superb opportunity to keep companies connected both in-person and, most recently, online.

For us, there have been huge lessons learnt. Yes, they came during the good times, but more often than not the best learning experiences were during the not-quite-so good moments, but this has played a major part in making us who we are today.

So, what of those lessons:

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Always maintain multiple income streams and look to developing new ones at every opportunity.

Be sure to collaborate with others. Be open to appropriate opportunities, build fresh and exciting ideas, and continually add value (in different ways) to both clients and prospective clients.

Get an agreement settled and in writing. Verbal agreements are never okay, as written agreements cannot be misconstrued. Have everything you agree set out in writing to avoid heartache if anything should go wrong.

Always, without fail, do yearly business planning, set targets, and measure against them. It takes time to do this, but it’s incredibly rewarding, especially when you track your achievements.

Think about your long-term five-to-10-year goals – and move towards them relentlessly with a laser focus. Don’t let anything get in your way. We’ve learnt to understand exactly what we want, and we’ve got to where we desired to be, in good time.

It wouldn’t be right to close this chapter of our lives without shining the spotlight on some key people who have been absolutely brilliant throughout our Crimson Crab journey.

Some have been with us since the beginning, while others have only been a real delight in recent years, but nonetheless, they are people we both are grateful to have in our lives.

Malcolm Ward. He gave us intensive support when we started Crimson Crab. Malcolm taught us about the foundations of business building allowing us to continue to construct and grow Crimson Crab.

John Simmons. John is a man of integrity, honesty and compassion, at the moment he is on the National Three Peaks Challenge raising money for The Rowans Hospice.

Jo Burfitt. Whilst living her own busy life with JMB Virtual Assistant, Jo has been continuous in helping us in many different ways. She’s good fun, too.

CJ Driscoll Chartered Accountants. Chis Driscoll himself was a great help when we started. Colin, Simon and Lorraine continue this tradition of supporting the business with accountancy.

Chris Jay, Jo Brooks, Jo Burfitt, Sam Poole and Will Chalmers. For helping us raise an impressive £439 for our NHS Hero’s during the lockdown, with our Great Virtual Quiz events. Sam has also supported us with some of the social media publicity for these events and continues to support Crimson Crab marketing with themes, word of the month, “question of the month”, and more.

There are many many people we appreciate here’s our shoutout to a few of them:

Steven Ashfar, Andreas Nest, Peter Clarke, Steve Thomson, Nikki Forster, Gethin Jones, Kelvin Uchemefune, Guy Woodcock at EL Direct, Guy Robinson, Ricki Scott, Roy Goring and Gayle Tong. All of whom have helped and inspired us in ways that they may not even realise. All people, dear to our hearts.

There’s plenty more new and exciting things happening within the business, such as our Reputation Academy online training courses, so we’d welcome you to explore them for yourself.

But, now, it’s time for us to enjoy retirement and spend time exploring the outdoors and making memories with our family and friends.

We leave Crimson Crab in the capable hands of Dave Lowe – we welcome him as a Director of Crimson Crab, with specialist knowledge in data protection, and this marks the start of the next chapter in Crimson Crab’s incredible journey.

We’re not disappearing, you’ll still see us about! But, as we will never ever stop saying, thanks for everything and until next time look after your reputation.