Home and Hybrid Working Is Here To Stay

Home and hybrid working both present opportunity and challenge in equal measure, especially if they form part of a longer-term vision for how your business will operate.

Whether it’s because of Delta, Omicron or because they’ve found that the sky didn’t fall in when staff were working away from the office, more and more businesses are having to find practical and sustainable ways to enable their staff to continue to work at home for some or all of the working week.

Although many companies quickly introduced practical, bottom-up solutions to allow home and hybrid working during the first wave, making this model the default way of working requires a top-down, policy-driven managerial approach, one that identifies all the relevant factors that will make or break the operation of the model.

To help forward thinking businesses, our Home Working Policy sets out clearly and straightforwardly the considerations that must be addressed to ensure that not only is managerial risk minimised but also that those working from home are not left feeling isolated or exploited. To find out more go to https://www.crimsoncrab.co.uk/our-solutions/ 

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