We are delighted when business is exchanged at the F2 Business Huddle however we cannot accept liability for any issues arising.

We only ever recommend our Reputation Advocates as we have carried out diligence and there are contractual obligations in place to ensure ethical, legal and responsible trading.

Huddler Business Category Number Reputation Advocate
Chris Fereday Tempus Corporate Financial Services 023-925-18200 Yes
Clive Loseby Access-ByDesign Web Design and Development 012-437-76399 No
Glen Turnbull Fastsigns Portsmouth Printing 023-924-12945 No
Graham Martin Red Pixel Creative Web Design and Development 084-583-40906 No
Guy Robinson Xebra Accounting Accountancy 023-800-01313 Yes
Jackie Wright Utility Warehouse Utilities 077-478-01430 No
Jo Brooks Alligned HR Services Ltd HR 013-297-59205 No
Jo Burfitt JMB Virtual Assistant Administration & Support - Business 074-368-74918 No
John Bowles Avanti Training Solutions First Aid and Training 012-435-52645 No
John Donoghue Fresh Eyes Associates Business Development 079-710-52857 No
John Simmons Sim Compliance Health & Safety 075-059-74453 Yes
John Simmons Grounded Safety Health & Safety 075-059-74453 Yes
Lisa Zissis Essentially You Essential Oils 077-366-43325 No
Lyn Heywood DataWizardAdmin Administration & Support - Business 013-294-85727 Yes
Mandy Tourle Paperwise Solutions Administration & Support - Domestic, Later Life Services, and Probate 074-251-66444 No
Nikie Forster Curious Lighthouse Learning Consultancy Business Development and Training 077-382-03903 No
Olly Clarke Paws and Claws Photography Photography 078-244-26614 No
Penny Plimmer JaPics Photography 023-925-95222 No
Penny Rowden Rowdens Chartered Account Accountancy 012-437-76088 No
Ricki Scott Synergy Success Network Business Coaching 079-314-30161 Yes
Robert Briggs Crimson Crab Compliance 023-926-37190 Yes
Robert Briggs Grounded Safety Health & Safety 023-926-37190 Yes
Robert Brown xMac IT 077-684-46845 Yes
Sam Poole Syn-Star IT 017-302-33350 No
Steve Mackay Castle Shines Window Cleaners Window Cleaning 075-132-26328 No
Steve Thomson Profile Training Business Coaching, Business Development, and Training 077-782-87119 Yes
Wendy Briggs Crimson Crab Compliance 023-926-37190 Yes

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