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Red Tape Busters Volume 8, Issue 08, `Terms of Business’


Welcome to the May edition of Crab Insight

May is the bridge between Spring and Summer, a month of transition.  May 2021 will certainly be no exception.

As lockdown eases further step three of the lockdown roadmap in England will take place.  As long as it is safe, all of the most high-risk sectors will be allowed to reopen, with Covid-secure guidance in place. Outdoor gatherings for no more than 30 people and indoors for six people or no more than two households will be okay.

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As the economy opens up more, invariably our thoughts will turn to our customer relationships, maybe re-establishing them or with new ways of doing business such as e-commerce. Whatever the circumstances the interaction or business relationship between you and your customer for the supply of goods or services is subject to legal control.

Hence this month we are focusing on the way to regulate this transaction via Terms and Conditions (T&C’s).

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Claudia Crab’s May Focus

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“Terms and Conditions”

A verbal contract isn’t worth the paper it’s written on.” ― Samuel Goldwyn, Hollywood film producer

Contracts are formed every day in business and they represent the legal basis on which you are willing to do business with your customers. Despite what Samuel Goldwyn said they are legally binding on both parties, whether in writing or not, the difficulty with a verbal agreement is that it is difficult to prove what was agreed too the satisfaction of a Judge.

When dealing with consumers (i.e. someone not acting for their business, trade, or profession) legislation gives statutory rights to the customer, obligations to the seller and controls the content. Certain consumer contracts can be canceled and having terms that try to take away a consumer’s statutory rights are illegal, for example, “no refunds”.

If it is written down the document could be known by many other names, from simply “business terms”, to “terms of sale” or “Terms and Conditions” or “T&C’s”. Whatever you call them in general terms, the meaning in any of these names is that you are offering your goods or services for sale with certain conditions in place. 

To many people “terms and conditions” represent incomprehensible legal jargon in an enormous document with small print or a small pop-up box where you have to scroll frantically to read more than a few words at a time. The problem is that these types of documents may be invalid in English Courts and can result in an investigation by Trading Standards.

When using terms and conditions always follow the Crimson Crabs strapline:

Ethical  |  legal  |  Responsible

The big question this month is:

Why should I bother with Terms and Conditions for my business? 

Look out for our social media posts and our blog later in the month as we will hopefully be able to flesh out your thinking.

Top tip – To create a great set of terms and conditions you need to understand some of the potential issues that your business faces when doing business with your clients or customers and our Business MOT can help with this

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