Crab Insight January 2021

Red Tape Busters Volume 8, Issue 04, COLLABORATION


Welcome to the January edition of Crab Insight

The first edition of Crab Insight for 2021 (Crimson Crab’s tenth anniversary year) so a very happy new year from us all at Crimson Crab and may 2021 be infinitely better than 2020 for us all. 

As we enter lockdown three we have been thinking a lot about collaborative working. Essentially there is a golden thread of collaboration running through Crimson Crab.The golden thread of collaboration.

We collaborate on things like 

Mainly because it’s a great opportunity to add extra value. It’s also a hugely beneficial way of working on many levels especially during lockdown.
If you would like to discuss a potential collaboration with us please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Claudia Crab’s January Focus

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Trading Disclosure

“Your customers and clients have a legal right to know who they are dealing with.” Robert Briggs – Compliance Director Crimson Crab Ltd

This means that they are entitled to know your legal trading entities name, be it yourself as a sole trader, the names of all the partners for a partnership or the corporate name of a registered body.

If you trade under a name other than that of the legal trading entity then you should disclose the full details of the legal trading entity including an address where you will accept service of documents.

For corporate bodies, there are specific requirements to give the full registered name, registered office address, registration number and place of registration.

All of this information needs to go on business documents including letters and emails and websites.

We can provide a “letterhead” check to make sure you have it right

Top tip – A great starting point for any business review is our Business MOT

F2 Business Huddle Online

Friday 12 February 2021

12 noon to 2 pm

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Reputation Advocates

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We love to receive feedback and it really helps us to improve our services for everyone.

Until next month look after your reputation!!

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