Gender Pay Gap

Companies, charities and public sector departments of 250 employees or more must publish their gender pay gap figures.

The public sector has to report by 30 March each year, and charitable and private firms by 5 April each year.

The Regulator – the Equality and Human Rights Commission has indicated that it would take enforcement action against all firms that missed the deadline.

Employers need to publish six calculations showing:

  • mean gender pay gap in hourly pay
  • median gender pay gap in hourly pay
  • mean bonus gender pay gap
  • median bonus gender pay gap
  • proportion of males and females receiving a bonus payment
  • proportion of males and females in each pay quartile

Mean is the average hourly rate of pay, calculated by adding the hourly pay rate for employees then dividing by the number of employees.

Median is the middle hourly pay rate, when you arrange your pay rates in order from lowest to highest.

The information must be published on your own website and through the government gender pay gap reporting website.