Crab Alert Business Names

A business name is the name used by any person, partnership or company for carrying on business or trading. So this applies to;
• the proprietor of a business which trades under a name that is not their surname (with or without initials or forenames);
• a partnership which does not use the names of all the partners;
• a limited liability partnership or limited company which trades under a name that is different from its registered company name.

In essence make sure that your customers know who they are trading with. If you use a business name it does not have to be registered with anyone. Some words are banned from use in a business name and there are restrictions on the use of others.

You need to give the name of the legal entity or entities using the name and an address in the UK, at which documents can be served, for each person (or corporation) named, e.g. the registered office address of a limited company.

Show this legibly in any place where you carry on your business and where you deal with customers or suppliers, on business letters, written orders for the supply of goods or services, business emails, invoices and receipts and written demands for the payment of business debts. 

A company will also need to comply with disclosure requirements in relation to its name and registered office address on business documents and websites.

Failure to comply with the requirements is a criminal offence and in addition you may be unable to enforce your contracts with others.

Is your reputation at risk? Not sure then please get it touch.

Please remember that compliance guidance is an interpretation of current relevant legislation; however the Courts are the final arbiters in these matters. The information is intended to contribute to informed decision making by business owners, directors and managers. It is provided on an ‘as is’ basis with no guarantee of success.