Test out your compliance knowledge with our short quiz.


1. As a small business, it’s perfectly acceptable to have my brand or trading name on my website along with a contact form and mobile phone number. True or False?

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2. Do you need to register with the information commissioner and if not why not?

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3. When starting up your own business or switching employer’s, you should always reach out to previous clients by email, to tell them about your new job, true or false?

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4. When storing databases containing personal details on a laptop, that is taken out of the office, all you need is a strong password to prevent unauthorised access, true or false?

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5. I’ve googled the perfect image to illustrate my Facebook post. It’s okay to use it true or false?

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6. You’re chatting with a colleague who wants an e-commerce website. You met a web designer at a recent networking event and you remember they said: “if you know of anyone who wants a website building please recommend me.” What would you do and why?

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7. A client sends you a very long and detailed email explaining precisely why they are dissatisfied with your service. The complaint is not justified. What would you do and would it make any difference if the complaint was from an individual using your services privately for non-business purposes?

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