This is a checklist of the things that should be taken into account when considering the use of natural resources. It allows businesses to assess how well they are meeting a number of key requirements, grouped together under broad subject headings.
Each requirement is presented as a statement (with its legal necessity shown in brackets afterwards). For each requirement, simply click on the left-hand tab that most accurately reflects your current position.
On a laptop or desktop computer, leaving your answers open will allow you to print and save your results at the end of the checklist. This facility is not available on mobile devices.

SECTION 1: Governance – Organisation

1.1: The person within your organisation who is responsible for managing the impact that it has on the use of natural resources has been identified and understands their role (good practice).


SECTION 2: Governance – Policy Framework

2.1: The use natural resources is well understood in your organisation and is included its risk management arrangements (good practice).


2.2: Your organisation has developed a Use of Natural Resources Strategy to reduce over-exposure to non-availability and minimise the impact of its operations on the natural environment (good practice).


2.3: The objectives of your Use of Natural Resources Strategy have been communicated to all staff (good practice)


2.4: Environmental impact assessments are undertaken prior to introducing new or modified operations in your organisation (good practice)


SECTION 3: Operations

3.1: All staff in your organisation understand the objectives of your Use of Natural Resources Strategy and their roles in achieving them (good practice) .


3.2: Progress against and attainment of the objectives of your Use of Natural Resources Strategy is regularly and critically monitored and evaluated (good practice).


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