This is a checklist of the things that should be taken into account when considering an organisation’s accountability and transparency responsibilities . It allows businesses to assess how well they are meeting a number of key requirements, grouped together under broad subject headings.
Each requirement is presented as a statement (with its legal necessity shown in brackets afterwards). For each requirement, simply click on the left-hand tab that most accurately reflects your current position.
On a laptop or desktop computer, leaving your answers open will allow you to print and save your results at the end of the checklist. This facility is not available on mobile devices.

SECTION 1: Governance – Organisation

1.1: The necessary authorities know that you are trading and the relevant approvals have been obtained (statutory requirement).

1.2: You make all necessary returns and publish them when required (statutory requirement).

1.3: Appropriate diligence is carried out when appointing directors and other employees (statutory requirement).

1.4: Appropriate diligence is carried out when engaging with investors (statutory requirement).

SECTION 2: Governance – Policy Framework

2.1: You have policy documentation in place to support all your key activities (good practice).

2.2: You have the necessary policies in place to demonstrate probity and competence when bidding for public sector and large private sector contracts (good practice, statutory requirement if applicable).


SECTION 3: Operations

3.1: You carry out appropriate due diligence before entering into any partnership or contract (good practice).

3.2: Your customers are clear about who your business is and with whom they are trading (good practice).

3.3: Your Terms and Conditions do not contain clauses that are unfair or unnecessarily restrictive and are supported by the provision of supplementary information when required (good practice).

3.4: Your quotes and invoices contain all the required information (good practice, statutory requirement if applicable).

3.5: Your prices are clearly set out and uniform, regardless of the payment method used (statutory requirement).

3.6: When making offers or discounts you meet the legal requirements (statutory requirement if applicable).

3.7: When providing price comparisons you meet the legal requirements (statutory requirement).


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