Email marketing

I had not been asked if my personal date (an individual’s work email address can be used to identify them and is therefore personal data) could be used for marketing purposes. Therefore I had not consented to this use.

You can only send marketing emails where person consents or is a previous customer.

The email did not have an easy way to unsubscribe from future mailings.

The use of a distribution list which discloses peoples personal data is actually a data breach.

Three tips:

1 Always ask for peoples consent before sending marketing emails (there is no safe number to send). You cannot assume that because someone gives you their business card they are accepting that you will send them marketing material. By all means contact them and ask them, otherwise you are a spammer!

2 Make sure that marketing emails have an easy way to stop future emails being sent and when people ask to unsubscribe you must comply promptly.

3 Ensure that you use bcc (or another method) to conceal personal details from other recipients.

How Can Crimson Crab Help?

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