Data Breaches


A software flaw in the firm’s Android App let a researcher access the records of any Moonpig account holder. This compromised three million people.

The researcher reported the issue to the firm and then went public after receiving an inadequate response from the company.

Talk Talk

In October 2015, TalkTalk initially struggled to confirm how many of its four million customers were affected after hackers exploited a reported weakness in the firm’s website.

TalkTalk CEO Baroness Dido Harding sounded vague about the attack’s scale when interviewed on TV, and it later emerged that a ‘mere’ 157,000 personal records had been compromised. The incident was the second data breach affecting the company in under a year.

Dissatisfaction over the rising number of data breaches in the UK is now both a political and mainstream issue.

Our Solution

Crimson Crab can look at the circumstances of a data breach and give advice as to what to do.

Having reviewed the current data protection procedures a robust policy backed up by an effective procedure to ensure that personal data is effectively protected thus reducing the likelihood of a breach occurring can be established. If a breach where to occur this will provide mitigation by demonstrating that reasonable steps had been taken to avoid the breach.