Word count

300 – 600 words


British English https://www.gsbe.co.uk/


The writing style can be:

  • Expository – Explaining a concept or imparting information, avoiding opinions and focusing on accepted facts about a topic, including statistics or other evidence;
  • Persuasive – Attempting to convince the audience of a position or belief, includes the author’s opinions and biases, as well as justifications and reasoning; and, or
  • Narrative – Constructing and communicating a story, complete with characters, conflict, and settings to do more than simply imparting information.


The anchor text should accurately describe the content it links to. Any domains linked to must not have red flags for spam. They should be high authority and the links themselves should help give more useful information. Links to authoritative articles must use Leeds Harvard referencing.


Please explain in the third person who you are and your authority for speaking on the subject matter and include a link to your own website at the end of the article.


Please include images that add value to the post. They must take account of copyright rules, include ‘alt tags’ and the image owner must be appropriately credited where appropriate, otherwise note we will not be able to accept the post. Orphan Images must not be used.

Intellectual Property

The blog post must be original work. Any Intellectual Property issues that come to light will be referred back to you in the first instance.


Posts that in our reasonable opinion bring us or any of our associated businesses or colleagues into disrepute will not be accepted. Posts which include, (for example but not limited to), profanity, discrimination of any sort, unethical or illegal practices, or that would not lead to constructive dialogue will not be accepted.

Submitting Guest Posts

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