We often get asked how we got the name Crimson Crab. Well, when we first started planning our business it was clear that we wanted to support consumers, businesses and public bodies to help them to grow, develop and comply with legislation. The idea of having a name ending with ‘Consultancy’ or ‘Business Support’ seemed a bit ordinary and boring. We wanted something a little different, perhaps quirky and certainly memorable.

We spent many weeks mulling over names. We live by the sea on Hayling Island and love to spend our free time afloat. So we thought something to do with sea creatures would be perfect. That’s when we had the idea of a crab as we like the way that they sidestep barriers to their progress and find alternative ways around them.

Work, life balance is something which is dear to our hearts. We are passionate about enabling people to spend more time on the things they love doing and not getting lost in the minefield of legislation or bogged down with all the other tasks that go with running a business these days.

We asked Ric Robinson a great graphic designer to work on a logo for us and that is when our cheeky little chappie was first born.

In 2015 our logo was revamped by Reputation Advocate, Graham Martin from Red Pixel Creative. The new logo design was built on the original, but with a little more sophistication and Claudia was born.

Claudia the Crimson Crab icon

We hope you like her as much as we do.