Photograph of Robert BriggsRob is a Trading Standards professional with 35 years of experience as a regulator in various Local Authorities (Linkedin profile).

He has a passion for helping people to avoid getting ripped off and for rooting out fraud and corruption, with significant expertise in the area of brand protection, intellectual property and Trade Marks legislation.

Over the years he has worked to provide a level playing field for businesses to encourage fair competition. Finding ways to help change the culture of trading to one of compliance and celebrating ethical trading.

He used the National Intelligence Model to make local authority trading standards services more responsive to the local communities they served. Drawing on his experience of leading volunteers during 20 years Lifeboating service with the RNLI, he introduced volunteering opportunities and recognised the significant power that informed volunteers can have on the trading culture.

Rob is an experienced investigator, both in criminal and employment matters. As a final resort taking regulatory action against cowboy and rogue traders and prosecuted infringements of legislation, helping many consumers get money back and protecting others from falling foul of ripoffs and scams. He is also an experienced investigation manager, having produced a number of aids to help investigating officers including operations manuals. He has taken the role of Disclosure and Authorising Officer under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act for Covert Surveillance and acquisition of communications data.

He introduced the Proceeds of Crime Act powers to the Local Authority environment and was qualified as the Senior Authorising Officer for the purpose of financial investigations and asset recovery under the Act.

Having had extensive experience of working with and developing the regulatory compliance of all types of businesses, he initiated and developed a Trading Company for a Local Authority to reduce the burden on Council Tax Payers and has a particular interest in Social Enterprise.

What others have said:

“Innovative working in communities and neighbourhoods which has provided a model for other authorities”

“Flexibility and adaptability – being able to juggle several things at once – both mentally and physically finding time to communicate and therefore making others feel valued – whether by phone or in person encourages initiative and ideas – makes others feel their ideas are useful/good”

“Good listener and explains situations well, forward thinker, excellent at strategic planning, gives opportunities for development”

“Forward thinking and has the ability to visualise how the service needs to develop for the future”

“Good strategic analysis – able to see the bigger picture – takes time to build relationships – aware of good ideas and how they might be transferred”

“As chair of TSSEL [Trading Standards South East Ltd] has had some very tricky meetings ………. Rob kept the atmosphere at a level where communication could still flow. He dealt with a regional issue I presented extremely professionally, expediently & represented our region exceptionally well”

Clear & concise report writing, delivers to timescales, approachable for [Elected] Members”

Highly insightful, demonstrates creative and innovative thinking and is politically astute”

“Robert will push the boundary of any new idea that will progress the working practice of the trading standards department for the betterment of [the Local Authority], he is always open to new ideas and works tirelessly to implement them if he feels they are of an advantage to the City and its people”

“Key strengths are:

1)     providing a level playing field where all heads of service from whatever background can talk in a free, non-judgemental way,

2)     valuing everyone’s opinion and giving people a chance to express themselves freely,

3)     creates a relaxed working environment where the work gets done but people also feel supported in times of crisis e.g. budgets etc”

“Knowledge and experience of his field, knowledge and experience of the City and how things work, he is a completer finisher”

“Excellent communication skills, very clear and logical thought processes, can untangle an issue and get to the nub of the issue quickly and come up with good solutions, personable and empathetic”

“Having dealt with Rob from the objectiveness of another agency he; has shown the ability to conduct himself in advance of his employed status with integrity when placed under pressure; is prepared to use initiative to apply relevant legislation where key benefits of doing so impact favourably for his local authority. He acts from a position of strength and integrity understanding that although employed by a local authority he raises himself above the politics to apply lawful reasoning and decision making for the benefit of the community which he serves”

If you would like to discuss how he can help with your particular needs, please get in touch or call him on:

Phone: 023 9263 7190

Mobile: 079 2681 5628