Profile photo of David LoweDavid (Linkedin profile) worked for more than 20 years in local government where he was primarily an information management specialist.

During his time as a senior manager in a number of local authorities, he also had responsibility for matters as varied as complaints handling, economic development, partnerships and equalities/diversity.  Most recently he managed the corporate transformation programme for a unitary council. David moved into the private sector in January 2021.

In addition to being the company’s managing director, David is a data protection expert, having both qualifications and many years experience as a local authority Data Protection Officer. This gives him considerable insight into identifying and delivering appropriate and risk-based solutions for organisations of all sizes. Understanding that GDPR isn’t high on most people’s list of exciting reading, he’s nonetheless usually able to make the topic understandable and relevant.

Formerly quite sporty, David still likes to keep fit and has recently taken up ballroom dancing with his wife Sarah. Although enthusiastic, his proficiency remains sadly very low.


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